If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

  • “I LOVE my daughter’s smile, Thank you, Dr. Wilson, and staff for such a great experience!!!”

    — Anonymous, 2016

  • “Dr. Wilson has treated both my sons for braces with great success! I really wanted to straighten my teeth but thought because of my age it wouldn’t be an option. After my exam with Dr. Wilson, he said not only could I get braces but I was a candidate for Invisalign! I’ve been wearing Invisalign for almost 10 months and I can’t believe the difference in my teeth and smile! Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for boosting my confidence! I will definitely recommend your office!”

    — Tina, 2016

  • “Receiving care from Wilson Orthodontics has been an enjoyable experience from the start. When I reached out to Dr. Wilson in need of Invisalign, he and his entire staff have been nothing short of wonderful! Dr. Wilson is very accommodating to his patients’ needs and he has done an excellent job in giving me a bright new smile! I couldn’t be more pleased with the care I received at Wilson Orthodontics. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of orthodontic treatment.”

    — Leah B., 2016

  • “My experience at Wilson Orthodontics was better than I could have imagined. They have a truly caring and professional staff, and the results were perfect.”

    — Chris D., 2016

  • “I have been going to see Dr. Wilson at Wilson Orthodontics since they opened, while I was in elementary school. I am now approaching my senior year of high school. I now have seriously straight teeth, thanks to him and his team. My appointments have always been short and sweet: a smile from the receptionist, a nice conversation with an assistant, and then with few jokes with Dr. Wilson as he looks around in my mouth. His relaxed yet professional and organized manner make Wilson Orthodontics a comfortable and enjoyable place to be. The only things that I have seen change in the past 10 years are how straight my teeth are and how long Dr. Wilson grows his beard! My orthodontist appointment is always something I can look forward to going to, thanks to Dr. Wilson and his team!”

    — Griffin, 2016

  • “As an adult orthodontic patient, Dr. Wilson and his staff gave me the smile I had always dreamed of having.  After hiding my overcrowded and embarrassing crooked teeth all through high school and college, I came to Dr. Wilson and I’m blown away and beyond happy with my results. I now have a smile I can show off to the world!”

    — Kilee, 2016

  • “We are actually feeling sad as our time with Wilson Orthodontics comes to an end! Hard to believe, but when the braces come off, we are going to miss this amazing group of people! My son has been through two rounds of braces (with oral surgery in between) and his situation was complicated from the start. However, from the moment we stepped into his office, Dr Wilson was extremely knowledgeable, straightforward, and so positive with us. We heard he was the best in the area — and it was obvious we made the perfect choice to see him. And being good with us was only part of our experience … Dr. Wilson and his staff won the heart of our young son!  They were so warm, friendly, gentle, and funny with him.  They really got to know him — and always asked him about his ongoing activities and interests. He felt safe and we felt safe. I cannot say enough positive things about our years with Wilson Orthodontics … They are a stellar team of professionals and genuine group of people. We are so fortunate to have them in our area! (We might even have to go back and visit them!)”

    — Kate & Ian, 2016

  • “Our entire family would like to thank Dr. Wilson and his wonderful staff for providing us all with beautiful smiles! After seeing the results with our two children, my husband and I both became  patients. It is never too late to have braces; in fact, the fun colors can be quite a conversation starter!”

    — Chris, 2016

  • "With the help of Dr. Wilson and his knowledgeable and caring staff, I was finally able to achieve that "million dollar smile". Dr. Wilson worked with me to create the perfect care plan and the results were so much better than I could ever imagine. The staff were so friendly and made me feel so comfortable during every appointment. I recommend Dr. Wilson and his team with the highest regard to anyone looking to achieve that million dollar smile."

— Cody, 2016